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Benefits of Hybrid Learning

4 Benefits of Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning, or blended learning, is the practice of combining online teaching with in-person teaching. COVID-19 has made hybrid learning the norm, and it’s something we have mastered at A Star. Here are four benefits of hybrid learning.

1. You can take an online class from home…or anywhere!

With hybrid driver education, students can complete the online portion from home, from their friend’s home, from the library or from anywhere else with Wi-Fi. This is convenient for students with busy schedules or for students who have parents with busy schedules; they don’t have to get a ride anywhere, which saves time and energy.

2. You can take class and schedule drives at your own pace

Hybrid learning in driver education consists of online classes and in-person drives. Since the class portion is online, students can start the modules on their own time. That’s not all—they can also schedule the in-person drives at their own pace, too, so they don’t get too overwhelmed.

3. You will gain important skills

Managing the coursework and scheduling drives will help teach students about time management and organization. Hybrid classes also require students to familiarize themselves with whatever device(s) they’re using to complete the course. This helps students improve their computer and technology skills, or technological literacy.

4. You will learn regardless of your learning style

Not everyone has the same style of learning. Our online classes consist of videos, readings and visual aids to better account for this divide in learning styles. For those who learn better in person, there will still be in-person drives with an instructor. In fact, these behind-the-wheel drives tend to be more informative than traditional classroom settings since they’re one-on-one.

We’re currently offering online classes in Wisconsin. Get started today and reap the benefits of hybrid learning for yourself!

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